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Наши научные издания

The Second International Media Readings in Moscow

Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism 

The Second International Media Readings in Moscow
Mass Media and Communications – 2010

Digital Frontiers: Traditional Media Practices in the Age of Convergence

November 11-14, 2010 – Moscow, MSU Faculty of Journalism
Registration deadline: October 10, 2010
Working language: English

Lately convergence finally has been turning from mostly theoretical concept and technological option into reality affecting editorial, creative, promotional, business, legal and other aspects of media practices. The need to comprehend new opportunities and challenges by scientific instruments is the core goal of the forthcoming conference.

Sections’ and Sessions’ Topics

* Digital Barriers? Access to Information in the Age of Convergence
* Online Journalism: The Actual State and the Realized Potential
* Multimedia Content Production: Measuring True Consumer and Social Value
* Converged Media Enterprise: Management and Economics
* Law and Policy for Converged Media
* Creative Industries in Web 2.0 Dimension

Registration form

1. Family name
2. Given names
3. Workplace
4. Position, degree
5. Telephone / fax, e-mail
6. Topic of the presentation
7. Abstracts (up to 500 words)
The registration form should be sent to the following e-mail address: moscow.readings@smi.msu.ru or be filled following this link