History of Russian Journalism and Literature

The Department of History of Russian Journalism and Literature was established in 1947 as a division of the Philological Department of Moscow State University. Originally it was called the Department of History of Russian and Foreign Literature and Journalism. In 1955, the department was renamed into the Department of History of Russian Journalism and Literature.

Throughout the years, the department was headed by E.S. Ukhalov (1947-56), A.V. Zapadov (1957-61), V.A. Arkhipov (1961-1967), B.I. Esin (1968-2011). From 2011 to the present time it is headed by Professor Ekaterina Orlova. 

There are 18 people at the department, including 5 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, 5 Associate Professors. 

The research is conducted in the following key fields: interaction of literature and journalism; history of Russian literature; history of Russian journalism; reflection of cultural issues in journalism and others.

The department publishes an annual almanac “Russian Literature and Journalism in the Movement of Time”. Among the authors are members of the department, as well as researchers from Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Japan and other countries, including B.F. Egorov, V.S. Bayevskiy (2013) L.P. Gromovf, J. Herlt and others. 

The members of the department have published extensively. The list of current publications includes: 
E.I. Orlova Second life. Articles about Russian Literature. Memories. Moscow, 2014;
G.S. Lapshina Female Face of Russian Journalism. Moscow, 2013;
Chronicle of Dostoevskiy’s Family. Edited by I.L. Volgina;
Igor Volgin. Friends and Family: Historical and Biographical Sketches. Moscow, 2012;
The list of graduates from the department includes MSU faculty (Т.F. Dedkova, Е.P. Prokhorov, I.К. Kremenskaya, G.S. Lapshina, Е.I. Orlova, I.Е. Prokhorova, N.I. Klushina, etc.), journalists, theorists of literature and critics (I.А. Dedkov, О.А. Kling, N.N. Kozlova, N.D. Agisheva, etc.), theatre and film actors (I.S. Savvina, А.I. Zolotovitskiy, etc.).

Contact person: Anastasia Khristich
Tel. +7 985 210 75 07
E-mail: ruslit.msu@yandex.ru
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