Photojournalism and Media Technologies

The Department of Photojournalism and Media Technologies exists at the Faculty of Journalism since 1962 (former name – The Department of Technology of Newspaper Business and Mass Media). 

The first head of the department was a well-known polygraphist, Associate Professor V.V. Popov. From September 2009 on, the department is headed by Dr. Oleg Bakulin. 

The main study course offered by the department is “Multimedia Technologies”. In 1970, the specialization “Photojournalism” was opened at the department. In 1999, a new specialization “Design of Media and Communication” was opened.

Among graduates of The Department of Photojournalism and Media Technologies there are many famous photojournalists: I.V. Gavrilov, V.Yu. Vyatkin, S.V. Shakhidzhanyan, S.V. Kivrin, A.N. Zhigaylov, E.A. Zhigaylov, V.G. Yatsina.

The department offers additional nine-month professional development programs in photojournalism and media design for specialists with a higher education.

The priority areas of research for The Department of Photojournalism and Media Technologies are the development of media technologies and visual communication. In the last few years, attention has been focused on the problem of structuring, language and style of publications, prepress production technology, study of current trends in design, visualization of text and photojournalism.

Contact person: Evgenia Vasilieva
Tel.: + 7 (495) 629 51 98
Room 208