Digital Journalism

The Department of Digital Journalism  established in 1952, is a major center for specialized training of journalists for newspapers and magazines in Russia. 

The chair is Dr. Olga Smirnova. 

Number of staff members is 40 people, including lecturers, researchers of journalism and practicing journalists.

The department developed a general concept of professional training of journalists, which is the basis of the state standard in specialization “Journalism”, including both general theoretical disciplines and modern technology of journalism. As a part of the educational process, the department of Digital Journalism implements specialized modules of the bachelor’s programs “Journalism of Printed Media”, “Political Journalism”, “Social Journalism”, master’s program “Periodical Press”, as well as a number of special courses and seminars for students of all courses.

Topics of scientific research results include a comprehensive study of systemic patterns of print, typology of journalism, study of modern journalistic technologies, study of psychology problems of journalistic creativity, analysis of the processes of interaction of media and politics, study of social sphere of journalism, analysis of the mass media’s role in modern educational process.

Among famous graduates of the department there are many bright representatives of Russian journalism, both former and current, for example, Aleksey Adzhubey – chief editor of one of the biggest Russian newspaper Izvestia in the late 1950s – early 1960s.; Vitaliy Ignatenko – CEO of the largest and oldest in Russia news agency TASS; Sergey Gryzunov – Minister of Press of the Russian Federation in the 1990s.; Otto Latsis – well-known Russian journalist, columnist for the newspaper Izvestia and many others.

Contact person: Elena Prokhorova
Tel.: +7 (495) 629 00 44
Room 331