New Media and Communication Theory

The Department of New Media and Communication was established in 2008.

Previously chaired by Dr. Ivan Zassoursky, its current head is Professor Andrey Vyrkovsky.

The department has 5 full-time employees.

Currently, members of the department’s staff are engaged in research of new digital media and technology platforms, analysis of the features of communication processes in the Internet space, exploration of the perception of multimedia messages, study of social aspects of the impact of converged media on society and human rights. 

The department offers two main specializations – “Internet Journalism” and “Infographics” for undergraduates and international students.

The department actively involves undergraduate and graduate students wishing to implement their own information and research projects into its work.

Key research fields of the department include functioning of the new digital media and converged editions, peculiarities of communication processes in the Internet and mobile environments, use of new technology platforms, verbal and nonverbal forms of communication, social aspects of the impact of interactive media models, social networks and infographic trends.

Contact person: Boris Kalimulin
Tel. + 7 (495) 629 43 65
Room 333