Foreign Journalism and Literature

The Department of Foreign Journalism and Literature was established in 1955. It is one of the oldest departments at the Faculty of Journalism. 

The chair was Professor Yassen Zassoursky, President of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU. Acting chair is Professor Galina Woronenkowa
The department has 44 employees. 
Main directions of research include humanitarian dimensions of knowledge society: theoretical concepts and contemporary issues; media in the world of information and communication processes; history of foreign journalism; development of foreign literature. 

Main directions of academic work are the following ones:
Bachelor’s level: within the framework of the “Philological block” of general professional disciplines’ section lecturers of the department conduct lectures and seminars in the following courses: “Foreign Literature”, “History of Foreign Journalism”, “Media Systems”. 

The department implements a professional module “International Journalism” and a module “Country Studies through Language and Media”. 

Master’s level: the department implements a professional module “International Communication and Journalism”. 
The list of Russian- and English-language publications by members of the department is very extensive and is available upon request. Since 2002, the sub-department has been publishing a yearbook “Foreign Journalism”. 

Evident mark on the history of the department has been left by wonderful lecturers: Ye.P. Kuchborskaya, Yu.F. Shvedov, G.V. Yakimchuk, Yu.Ya. Orlov, Yu.V. Popov, S.V. Rozhnovsky, T.P. Konstantinova, M.T. Panchenko, O.G. Pankina. 

Among famous graduates of the department are D.O. Rogozin, S.L. Agafonov, V.N. Ignatenko, V.V. Makarov, V.T. Tretyakov, O.D. Zelenin, D.M. Voskoboynikov, B.I. Tolstoy, L.M. Mlechin, A.G. Oganesyan, V.I. Tolstoy, V.V. Kostikov, A.V. Politkovskaya, A.V. Khabarov., A. Khristenko, K.B. Privalov, N.P. Gevorkyan, Jalal al-Mashta, Salam Musafir, Dr. Abbas Halef Kunduf, Eric Peuranen. 

Contact person: Elena Samsonova 
Tel.: +7 (495) 629 37 80
Room 217