Journalism section meeting held as part of Lomonosov Readings conference
YEIFgQYEO-Y.jpgJournalism section meeting of the conference was held on April 27, featuring five presentations by Faculty's researchers. Professor Elena Vartanova studied the problem of digital platforms dominance. Doctor Olga Smirnova focused her presentation on the conflict analysis of mass media content. Doctor Maxim Babyuk dedicated his research to the institutional-legal and management aspects of Soviet news agencies of the 20's. Ivan Aslanov presented a comprehensive report on the framing effect in media texts featuring the topic of mental health, where he studied the cognitive function of metaphor. Joint report by Doctor Andrey Virkovsky and Doctor Mikhail Makeenko, was devoted to the career histories of young qualified journalists in Moscow.

Journalism Section of 'Lomonosov' Conference
f4x95qKaBKY.jpg‘Lomonosov' international scientific conference for students and young scientists was launched on April 12, with the section on Journalism held from 12 to 15 April. The section featured 12 subsections, including English-only ones and those hosted by partner academic institutions. The programme embraced both widely-known traditional fields of study, such as Advertising and Public Relations, Media Stylistics, Theory and Practice of Media Studies, and innovative areas, such as Contemporary Media Management.

The third ‘Topical seminar’ meeting to be held on May 4
The third seminar is scheduled for May 4, 5 pm MSK. The participants will listen to ‘On the Liquefaction of Global Media Industries and Production’ presentation delivered by Professor Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA), Faculty of Humanities. Russia will be represented by Anna Gladkova, Leading Researcher and Director of International Affairs Office at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, vice-chair of IAMCR’s Digital Divide Working Group, IAMCR Ambassador in Russia and member of the IAMCR International Council, with the report ‘Ethnic Journalism in Liquid Modern Times’.

The second Topical seminar held on April 6 focused on the creative practices in media studies
Снимок экрана 2021-04-06 в 17.02.23.pngThe second Topical seminar was conducted on April 6 and focused on the topic of media and art. Speakers presented their researches, which addressed the topic from different perspectives. Participants listened to ‘Arts-based research in communication and media studies’ presentation delivered by Professor Nico Carpentier. Russia was represented by Denis Dunas, who presented his report ‘Russian journalism and media studies: Where art and creativity begin and end’.

Prokhorov Readings meeting was held on April 1
166761877_1015916443251485аотадл0_2557361864748035066_n.jpgProkhorov Readings meeting was held to commemorate the 90th anniversary of great Russian scholar Evgeniy Prokhorov. Professor Prokhorov founded and chaired the Department of Sociology of Mass Communications, which innovatively merged two academic areas – journalism theory and sociology. The extensive thematic scope of the meeting reflected broad research interests of Evgeniy Prokhorov.

Faculty of Journalism received VKontakte award
pdR3FihkLsg.jpgMSU Faculty of Journalism was awarded by Russia’s most popular social network for active cooperation. In 2019 Lomonosov Moscow State University became the first academic institution to host VKontakte creative workshop, which initiated the students into the specifics of digital media industry. The workshop was coordinated by VK team and featured prominent journalists and media managers as guest speakers.

Elena Vartanova speaks about Faculty's post-pandemic life and ‘hybrid learning’: interview for 'Moscow 24'
nBkSUhL2hFQvncy2I7mI5pql29q06p-80mnBnvmDoGuQYX7XByXLjCdwu5tI-BaO-42NvWWBK8AqGfS8kjIzIymM8G1N_xHb1A=JhN0IxodWjR7xFUJCAo_hw (1).jpgIn her interview for Moscow 24 channel, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Elena Vartanova spoke about current major projects of the Faculty and reflected on the future of journalism. Professor Vartanova elaborated on hybrid learning, clarified the concept of media communications, touched upon pandemic-related challenges for journalism and unveiled some of the upcoming Faculty's events.

Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion webinar was held on March 19
Снимок экрана 2021-03-19 в 17.53.52 (1).pngThe first webinar in the IAMCR webinar series addressed the issue of digital gap and focused on integration opportunities for different social groups. A number of prominent scholars delivered presentations featuring relevant studies on most acute problems within the scope of the topic. The event was co-hosted by the Faculty of Journalism and the International Association for Media and Communication Research.

New issue of World of Media: Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies
161640404_2938732809696575_278010215801426819_94949o.jpgNew issue of World of Media journal was released on March 17. It raises certain acute issues, such as the problem of digital divide, the phenomenon of socio-cultural determinacy of modern political activism and the directions for the intergenerational transmission of communicative and cultural memory within the digital environment.

The second ‘Topical seminar’ meeting to be held on April 6
afish-Denis-Nico-mak-small.jpgThe second seminar is scheduled for April 6, 5 pm MSK. The participants will listen to ‘Arts-based research in communication and media studies’ presentation delivered by Professor Nico Carpentier, President of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, Professor at Charles University of Prague and Free University of Brussels in Belgium. Russia will be represented by Denis Dunas, PhD in Philology, Leading Researcher at the Chair of Media Theory and Economics, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, who will present a report titled ‘Russian journalism and media studies: Where art and creativity begin and end’.

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