Topical Seminar on Epistemological Issues in Journalism
IMG-20210602-WA0002.jpgNew topical seminar held on June 1 focused on how information is processed by journalists and news organizations, and how the resulting knowledge claims are articulated and justified. Four prominent experts provided theoretical insights and presented results of various case studies analyzing epistemic practices and challenges in news production.

Career Day on May 27 Was Conducted Online
50289213642_c0aa35c43b_k.jpgRepresentatives of Argument i Fakti, Interfax, and VKontakte gave video presentations and conducted Q&A sessions. Students took part in employment workshop conducted by the Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists Roman Serebryaniy, where they learnt how to write a successful CV, compose a cover letter and prepare for job interview. The event was completed with a job fair.

Elena Vartanova interview: Facts and fakes, higher mathematics and new generation of journalists
496D8A48-8FFC-408A-B8E8-9E2D92D4533C.jpegDean of the Faculty of Journalism gave an interview for Rossyiskaya gazeta, where she explained why journalists need advanced mathematics, revealed what is special about this year’s applicants and shared tips on how to distinguish between facts and fakes.

Professor Mark Deuze became Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Journalism
Mark.jpgAccording to the decision of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU, Professor Dr. Mark Deuze (UvA) became Foreign Honorary Professor of the Faculty. This title is awarded to distinguished international scholars for productive educational and research cooperation with the Faculty of Journalism, participation in academic international projects of the Faculty, and development of global connections in the media scholars’ community.

Round table discussion on May 12
Снимок экрана 2021-05-12 в 16.24.50.pngOn May 12 the Faculty of Journalism jointly with the UNESCO chair conducted a round table meeting dedicated to most relevant problems and promising research perspectives in various fields of journalism and media studies. Six outstanding speakers shared their insights into the possible solutions to acute issues and raised questions for further consideration.

June 1: New ‘Topical seminar’ meeting
Poster-4chel-1-2.jpgThe fourth topical seminar is scheduled for June 1, 5pm MSK. This will be the last topical seminar for this spring semester, and participants will have a unique chance to listen to four outstanding scholars. Foreign speakers have prepared a joint presentation titled ‘Journalism and Epistemology’, co-authored by Professor Mats Ekström, Amanda Ramsälv, and Professor Oscar Westlund. Russia will be represented by Maria Anikina, who will present a report titled ‘Epistemology and other pillars of journalistic culture in Russia’.

Topical seminar on liquid journalism was conducted on May 4
unnamed00.jpgThe third topical seminar was focused on liquefaction processes in modern media industry. ‘On the Liquefaction of Global Media Industries and Production’ presentation was delivered by Professor Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA). Russia was represented by Anna Gladkova, Leading Researcher and Director of International Affairs Office at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, with her report ‘Ethnic Journalism in Liquid Modern Times’.

Lomonosov Moscow State University entered the top-100 of leading world universities
50289213642_c0aa35c43b_k.jpgMSU was ranked 91st of the Round University Ranking, becoming the national leader and the only Russian university in top-100. Apart from being the best Russian university in the rankings overview, Lomonosov Moscow State University has topped the list of Russian universities by world teaching and research reputation, as well as by some of the international diversity indicators, e.g. share of international bachelor degrees awarded.

Russian Media and Journalism international school
179601539_4158416700894357_5812539582462271453_n.jpgRussian Media and Journalism international school has completed its annual course aimed at students and young researchers from all over the globe. The short-term educational course, conducted entirely in English, lasted from April 19 till April 30. The programme included lectures, online tours and practical assignments.

Meet the Department of Photojournalism and Media Technology
CqRneGJDgjE.jpgThe new issue of the Faculty Departments project features the Department of Photojournalism and Media Technology. Its Head Doctor Oleg Bakulin tells about the principles of the Department’s educational programme and invites future students into the exciting world of visual journalism.

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