NAMMI Conference Held on December 8


-7exO4TD13g.jpgy67FcH34C4M.jpgThe last big conference at the faculty in 2023 made for a perfect platform to recap the achievements of the passing year. NAMMI conference held on December 8 offered three comprehensive rounds of thematic sessions with a big opening plenary to kick off the activities.

Speakers at the plenary invited particular attention to conflict representation in media adopting a human-interest angle, as well as provided much needed nuancing in exploring attention patterns of the youth audience. Moreover, they balanced great opportunities and menacing challenges posed by AI, a vibrant field for analysis that has found extensive attention in the media studies literature of the past few years. Another line of discussion revolved around television consumption trends that have been going back and forth throughout the past 20 years. Big opening meeting was beautifully concluded with the awarding ceremony, where the winners of NAMMI-2023 contest were announced and celebrated.

The following rounds of thematic sessions further advanced the research frontiers, allowing to exchange the experience and possibly pave the way for networking and collaboration. One session was brought together by our colleagues from Saint Petersburg, who gathered to discuss professional standards in the post-Soviet states. Two RSF-supported sessions comprised a dazzling array of works that are part of several big research projects carried out at the faculty – one deals with conflict communication in media space, while the other centres on media consumption of the digital youth. Numerous captivating regular sessions that came along further spoke to current problems and sensibilities in media industry.

Participants from across Russia joined the conference, including scholars from Kazakhstan, Siberia, North Caucasus, thus supporting the high status of the all-Russian forum. We are thrilled to have this great opportunity to meet our colleagues from all over Russia and jointly finalize the year of hard work!

Photos: Yulia Tsyapa