New Issue of World of Media in 2023 Is Out


World of Media_1-2023-1-1.jpgThe first issue of 'World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies' in 2023 brings together four original research papers in the field of media and journalism studies.

The lead article titled 'Towards a multipolar communication international scholarship?' is authored by Professor at the Federal University of Fluminense Afonso de Albuquerque (Brazil). This paper examines the unipolar logic which remains dominant in international scholarship. Professor Afonso de Albuquerque explores the origins of the academic unipolar order, the features of its functioning, as well as the institutions and practices that support it, and the challenges that the academic unipolar order presents for scholars working outside the West. The author offers to recognize the necessity to develop alternative institutional infrastructure as opposed to a unipolar one to allow alternative views to emerge in the international space.

Dr. Anna Baychik is a specialist in the field of global processes and the functioning of mass media (Russia). In the paper 'Reality and virtuality of the mass media space', she describes the logic of the sequence of appearance of the phenomena of information, media, and mass media space and reveals their common features and distinctive characteristics. Furthermore, the researcher distinguishes virtualization of the mass media space as one of the dynamic characteristics and considers it as a means of representing the world in other dimensions and planes.

'Digital divide challenges of media co-ops in Argentina and Uruguay' is a paper written by Carolina Escudero, a researcher from the University of Missouri (USA). The study analyzes the experiences of two media co-ops Tiempo Argentino newspaper (Argentina) and La Diaria newspaper (Uruguay) known for being a bridge of exchange and trust with the audience. The research is aimed at analyzing the digital divide in both countries and revealing special methods of membership or subscriptions implemented by media co-ops to promote communicative feedback and the reduction of the digital divide.

The first issue of 'World of Media' concludes with a paper 'Student media as a part of urban communication and an actor of inclusive place branding' written by Dr. Kirill Zorin. The author considers the participation of student media in inclusive place branding. The article presents the results of the study of 53 regular media projects created by students in 25 universities in 15 Russian cities. According to the content analysis of publications, student media no longer just have significant potential for inclusive place branding, but have already been involved in inclusive place branding practices.

The new issue is available here.

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