New ‘Topical Seminar’ on October 5th


Oskar-Lukina.pngThe second topical seminar in the fall semester is scheduled for October 5th, 4 pm MSK. The event will feature talks by Professor Oscar Westlund and Dr. Maria Lukina, who will address different aspects of misinformation. Professor Westlund will focus on fact-checking practices, while Dr. Lukina will consider the problem in the context of education practices.

MSU Faculty of Journalism proceeds with ‘Topical seminar’ meetings, a series of online seminars featuring prominent speakers, both Russian and international. The second topical seminar in the fall semester is scheduled for October 5th, 4 pm MSK. The speakers will give talks addressing different aspects of misinformation.

The first talk will be ‘Fighting misinformation: Technologies and fact-checking practices’ delivered by Professor Oscar Westlund, who is based at the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Oslo Metropolitan University and holds secondary appointment at University of Gothenburg. Professor Westlund is currently involved in several research projects focusing on misinformation, and his presentation draws on ongoing research in the SCAM-project, carried out together with Valérie Bélair-Gagnon (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities), Lucas Graves (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Rebekah Larsen (Oslo Metropolitan University), and Steen Steensen (Oslo Metropolitan University).

The second speaker will be Dr. Maria Lukina, Associate Professor and Vice-Dean for Curriculum at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Among other lines of research, Dr. Lukina is specializing in journalism education. On October 5th she will give talk on ‘Higher education in times of misinformation: How Russian journalism educators evaluate the future’. Her presentation will cover some results of the global research project ‘Journalistic roles, values and qualifications in the 21st century: How journalism educators view the future of a profession in transition’ conducted by WJEC and carried out together with Professor Nico Drok and other members of the project. Dr. Lukina will focus on the Russian segment of the project and talk about how Russian journalism teachers view the professional roles of journalists in the ten-year perspective.

The seminar will be held online via Zoom. Pre-registration is required. Click here to fill out the registration form. Registered participants will receive Zoom link in advance.

Topical seminars are of utmost importance both for the integration of national research studies into international academic environment, and for the conceptualization of distinctive features of Russian media studies. The Faculty of Journalism invites everyone to sign up for the seminar and hopes that the issues, touched upon in the course of the event, will trigger productive scientific discussion.