Academic Departments

Academic Departments.jpgThere are 14 academic departments at the Faculty of Journalism. Each department is responsible for a particular research and academic field and for a list of majors provided at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Should you wish to learn more about particular academic departments, please send your queries directly to the contact person at the department.

In case of questions about admission policy at the Faculty of Journalism, please check out the Admissions section. The general admission policy works for all academic departments at the Faculty of Journalism.

Media Theory and Economics 

Foreign Journalism and Literature 

Digital Journalism

Television and Radio Broadcasting 

Photojournalism and Media Technologies

Sociology of Mass Communications 

Advertising and Public Relations

Theory and Methods of Editing

History of Russian Journalism and Literature

History and Statutory Regulation of Domestic Mass Media 

Literary and Art Criticism and Publicism

Russian Language Stylistics 

New Media and Communication Theory 

Media Linguistics