Fast Facts about the Faculty of Journalism

fast facts.jpgFounded: 1947 
Location: Moscow, Russia 
Overall number of students: over 2600 
Enrollment in 2022: 911 students
Student population: 22% male, 78% female, from 23 countries 
Percent of students that do not pay for tuition: approximately 38% 
Average class size: 20 people 
Number of lecturers – around 200 

Academic departments:
Media Theory and Economics (Chair: Professor Elena Vartanova)
Foreign Journalism and Literature (Chair: Professor Galina Woronenkowa)
Digital Journalism (Chair: Dr. Olga Smirnova)
Television and Radio Broadcasting (Chair: Professor Galina Shepilova)
Photojournalism and Media Technologies (Chair: Dr. Oleg Bakulin)
Sociology of Mass Communications (Chair: Professor Viktor Kolomiets)
Advertising and Public Relations (Chair: Professor Vladimir Evstafiev)
Theory and Methods of Editing (Chair: Professor Ivan Pankeev) 
History of Russian Journalism and Literature (Chair: Professor Ekaterina Orlova)
History and Statutory Regulation of Domestic Mass Media (Chair: Professor Olga Minaeva)
Literary and Art Criticism and Publicism 
Russian Language Stylistics (Chair: Dr. Vladimir Slavkin)
New Media and Communication Theory (Chair: Professor Andrey Vyrkovsky)
Media Linguistics (Chair: Professor Pavel Balditsyn)

Zhurfak (журфак)
Color: Navy blue
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