Sociology of Mass Communications

The Department of Sociology of Mass Communications was founded in 1990. The history and the first steps of its development are closely connected with the name of its first chair – Professor Evgeniy Prokhorov, who lead the department for 20 years and laid the foundations of modern Russian journalism theory. Outstanding Soviet and Russian philosophers and sociologists Boris Grushin and Yuriy Levada stood at the origins of the department.

The chair is Professor Viktor Kolomiets.

The department is represented by 10 members – two professors, five associate professors and three senior researchers.

From the very first day of its creation, the Department of Sociology of Mass Communications combines two directions of scientific and educational activities – journalism theory and sociology. The department is an important scientific, educational and methodological center known both in Russia and abroad. 

The main directions of scholar activity at the department are audience studies, media and religion studies, sociological study of journalistic community and sociological culture of journalists, mediatization process study, the research of media in civil society, media consumption of diverse social groups etc. The Department of Sociology of Mass Communications is the initiator and organizer of annual Grushin Readings – scientific seminar developing the traditions of mass consciousness and mass communications studies, attracting attention of scholars from different research centers and institutions in Russia and other countries.

Educational activity is held on different levels. Firstly, it is realized in teaching the basic disciplines on Bachelor’s level (“Journalism theory”, “Sociology”, “Mass Media Sociology”). The department also offers elective module “Journalism sociology” for Bachelor students. Secondly, the members of the department teach several basic and elective courses on Master’s level, and thirdly, work with PhD students – within the frames of individual work and on the level of basic PhD disciplines. The department also offers the system of special courses and special seminars deepening research skills and reflective abilities of the students.

Contact person: Alisa Poklonskaya
Tel. +7 (495) 629 41 74
Room 122