Advertising and Public Relations

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations was established in 1989 as a Department of Economic Journalism and Advertising. In 2009, the department was renamed by the decision of the Academic Council of the Moscow State University into the Department of Advertising and Public Relations.

The first head of the department was Professor E.A. Blazhnov. For a long time, from 1993 up until 2021, the department was headed by Professor Vladimir Gorokhov. Its current head is Professor Vlasimir Evstafiev.

There are 12 employees at the department, among them there are 4 Doctors of Science, 7 Candidates of Science. The Department actively encourages practitioners to the educational process.

The research work of the department is developing in the most popular directions:
• Advertising communication;
• History of advertising;
• Advertising management;
• Genres of advertising;
• Innovative approaches and technologies in advertising;
• Copywriting;
• Internet-advertising;
• Psychology of advertising
In the field of PR, the main research themes are:
• Corporate communications and mass media;
• Sociology of mass and corporate communications;
• PR management;
• Internet-communications;
• Interaction with mass media (media relations);
• PR and integrated marketing communications 
The department actively manages publishing work. Among the most famous works are “The Philosophy of Advertising” by V.V. Uchenova, “History of Advertising” by V.V. Uchenova and N.V. Starykh, “Advertising in the Communication Space” and “Sociology of Advertising” by L.N. Fedotova, “Corporate Journalism” by A.Yu. Gorcheva, “Public Relations: Theory, Practice, Communication Strategies” edited by V.M. Gorokhova and T.E. Greenberg and others.

Contact person: Veronika Prostyakova
Tel.: +7 (495) 629 50 13
Room 309