Literary and Art Criticism and Publicism

The Department of Literary and Art Criticism and Publicism was established in 1976.
The chair was Professor Nikolai Bogomolov. Acting chair is Professor Anna Sergeeva-Klyatis. 

The department consists of 8 members: 3 Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and 3 Senior Research Scholars.

The employees of the sub-department hold a course in “Fundamentals of the Theory of Literature”, a course in “History of Russian literature of Recent Times (after 1917)” and “The Modern Literary Process” (for undergraduates). 

The research interests of the sub-department members are diverse: theory and history of Russian literature, literature of Russian emigration, literary periodicals of the twentieth century, biography problems of writers, piece of fiction analysis and so forth. 

Originally there was a group of critics, where classes were conducted by well-known critics and practitioners: L.I. Lazarev, I.I. Vinogradov, S.I. Chuprinin, K.A. Shcherbakov and others. Since the early 1990s, the group was transformed into the Division of Artistic Culture, the last class of graduates will be in 2015. With the transition to the two-stage system of education the department offered to students a module for bachelors “Artistic Culture and Mass Media”.

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