History and Statutory Regulation of Domestic Mass Media

The Department of History and Statutory Regulation of Domestic Mass Media was established in 1963. Before 1995, it was called the Department of History of the Party and Soviet Press. In 1995-2009, it was renamed into the Department of History of the National Mass Media. From 2009, a new research area was added – the study of the legal regulation of activities of the Russian mass media.

The chair is Dr. Olga Minaeva.

There are 8 people working for the department.
The department’s main research fields include:
• History of the Russian journalism from 1917 till now;
• History of censorship;
• Legal basis for national mass media;
• Professional ethics of a journalist.
The department provides training for specialists, bachelors, masters in the following courses:
• History of the Russian Journalism;
• History of Russia;
• Mass Media Law;
• Author’s Right;
• Deontology.

Many of well-known textbooks and monographs were written by members of the department. To name a few:
I.A. Pankeyev Agreement in the Author’s Right of the Russian Federation. Moscow, 2009;
A.G. Richter Legal Basis of Journalism: Textbook. Moscow, 2009;
A.G. Richter Freedom of Mass Information in Post-Soviet Space. Moscow, 2007.
R.P.Ovsepian History of the Newest National Journalism: February 1917- Beginning of the 21st century: Textbook. Moscow, 2005;
O.D. Minaeva Imperial Moscow University in the Newspaper “Moscovskiye Vedomosti”. Moscow, 2005;
I.V. Kuznetsov History of National Journalism (1917-2000): Educational Kit. Moscow, 2002.

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