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Academic Options

Academic Options

Faculty of Journalism announces short-term International Programme "Russian Media and Journalism".

Based in central Moscow (in front of the Kremlin), our International course "Russian Media and Journalism" offers you the chance to gain internationally recognized university credits. Whatever your educational requirements or personal interests our Moscow International course "Russian Media and Journalism" offers something for everyone.

Our International course offers students from all over the world the opportunity to study Russian Journalism whilst at the same time enjoying everything that Moscow has to offer.

The Moscow State University International course "Russian Media and Journalism" gives you a unique opportunity to study a wide variety of inspiring and cutting edge classes in print, broadcasting and internet journalism in Russia. The Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University has an impressive reputation in its field.

International students may apply for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programmes. The Department of Journalism offers Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in journalism and mass communications.

Bachelor’s degree

Completing a Bachelor’s degree programme in the Department of Journalism gives you a broad view of the media system and allows you to enter the journalism world with all the skills needed to be a professional.

Basic Courses taught at Bachelor level
List of Basic Courses

Specialisation Courses

Students are admitted to specialisation in different media fields: print, radio, TV, Web journalism, international journalism, advertising and PR, publishing, media sociology, photojournalism, media management, etc. They may also choose between specialised fields of study: economic, political, scientific, environmental, sports, social journalism, etc.
List of Courses for Specialisation

Master’s degree

You may pursue a Master’s degree in the following fields of study

Mass Media Theories
History of Journalism
Theory and Methods of Journalism
Print Journalism Studies
Television Broadcasting Studies
Radio Broadcasting Studies
International Journalism Studies
Political Journalism Studies
Convergence and Internet Media Studies
Media Economics and Management
Media, Arts and Cultural Studies
Media Design
Media Law
Journalism Ethics
Sociology of Journalism
Media Psychology
Media Language and Stylistics
Advertising Studies
Public Relations Studies
Book Publishing Studies