Russian-Swedish seminar at the Faculty of Journalism


On November 22 Faculty of Journalism hosted a seminar called “Cultural Industries and Media in the Internet Age”. Trainers from Sedertorn University (Stockholm, Sweden) and Lomonosov Moscow State University took part in the seminar.

Professor Elena Vartanova and advisor on political issues of the Swedish Embassy Bjorn Fagerberg opened the event.

Within the frames of the meeting the researchers presented a project “Music use in the online media age: A qualitative study of music cultures among young people in Moscow and Stockholm”. The project of the Swedish colleagues is aimed at studying the role of the Internet and contemporary digital technologies in the process of music consumption by youth audience. Besides, the seminar programme included the presentations of Ivan Zassoursky and Alexander Zolotaryov, which devoted their speech to social media usage by the young audience, Internet access in Russia, the development of creative industries, etc.

Within the frames of the seminar the Swedish researchers Ann Werner, Patrik Aker and Sofia Johansson delivered a course of lectures for the students of the Faculty.

Photo report by Gerogy Shpikalov