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14.11.2012 Researchers from the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University took part in the 4th ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) conference. It was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 24-27 October, 2012. The conference included a special section of the National association of mass media researchers (NAMMI), headed by Professor Elena Vartanova. 

Within the frames of the section presentations were made by Associate Professor Anastasia Grusha (Transformation of Political Communication in Russia), research fellow Denis Dunas (Mass Media Studies in Russia: from Propaganda to Anthropological Concepts) and other researchers. 

Professor Elena Vartanova, Associate Professor Olga Smirnova and Associate Professor Tatiana Frolova made their presentations at the section “Gendered Political Representations”. 

Associate Professor Viktor Khrul presented his paper “Myths and stereotypes instead of proved facts: dysfunctions in religious life coverage” at the section “Media framing and news values”. 

The poster session included the paper of senior researcher Maria Anikina “Media representation of sociological information in Russia: between mistakes and achievements”.