The Faculty of Journalism Invites to Participate in the ‘Media and Journalism in The Modern Digital Environment: The Experience of Russia and Africa’ Session


The Faculty of Journalism, MSU invites you to participate in the ‘Media and Journalism in the Modern Digital Environment: the Experience of Russia and Africa’ session, organized by the Faculty within the framework of the First International Humanities Forum ‘Russian Culture in the Modern World’. The event will take place on October 20, 2022 in a hybrid format.

Co-organizers of the forum: Faculty of Journalism, MSU; Faculty of Philology, PFUR; University of Khartoum.

This session is dedicated to the new challenges and opportunities that arise in mass communications because of the transformation of the modern digital environment. The convergence of formats and genres, the emergence of new ways of content production, the increasing influence of platforms, and the changing role of the audience in mass communication require detailed academic analysis, especially in the context of growing uncertainty in the media environment.

During this session we will discuss the impact of contemporary media trends on all spheres of our lives: social, economic, cultural, academic, etc. We appreciate empirical and theoretical works that explore contemporary journalism, journalism education, transformations in the media economy, and the effects of mass communication, focusing on the specific Russian and African experience. We will also discuss the increasing role of mediatization in modern society, the transition of many social processes into the media sphere, professional and ethical standards, and the place of non-institutionalized communicators in the modern public sphere. Researchers who look at the phenomenon of journalism from a historical perspective are also invited to participate.

Topics for discussion:
  1. The role of new media in contemporary society
  2. Audience as a new type of mass communicator
  3. Traditional media in the digital era: factors of transformation
  4. Media economy and media management: organizational and monetization trends
  5. The language of mass media in the digital age
  6. History of journalism: tradition and continuity
The First International Humanitarian Form is a platform for discussing key issues related to global cultural interactions and sharing the best practices to build up sustainable relationship in humanitarian area between scholars around the globe. The main goal the Forum is to focus on human potentials as a contribution to future development. The Forum is an opportunity to create a tool for the development of research and scientific dialogue based on the exchange of experience of Russian and foreign scholars in the humanities.

Deadline for submission: September 5, 2022

Please, send your abstracts (up to 4000 characters) in doc or .docx formats in English or Russian, including author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) to

For more information, please see the Call for Papers