Teachers of Professional Disciplines and Modules of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU Took Part in the Winter Advanced Training School


On 16-19 January, 2018 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU conducted a winter school for the teachers of professional disciplines. The program was focused on the professional competencies which were essential for the students, including creating and editing the journalistic texts, searching for information, fact checking, maintaining ethical standards.

The academic part of the school was opened by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Elena Vartanova and Editor-in-Chief of TASS Maksim Filimonov. The Deputy Editors-in-Chief of TASS Mikhail Lukin and Daria Penchilova, and Head of TASS Quality Checking Department Andrey Lebedev also gave a speech.

The second part of the school included brain storms in working groups. The lecturers of the Faculty discussed some updates for programs and workshops to cover the most current practical cases.

The winter schools for the Faculty lecturers have been conducted during three years. They are aimed at renewing practical and theoretical parts of professional courses.

Photo: Dmitry Linnikov.