The Meeting among Chinese Alumni and Students


On December 19, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU conducted the first meeting among Chinese alumni and current students. Fan Fei and Lin Chuanzao, who had successfully graduated from the MSU, shared they eхperience of fruitful and bright student life.

Editor and interpreter of “Rossiya Segodnya” news agency Fan Fei described his practical experience of working in Russian media. The organizer of “Grey Mocha” project (more then 15 000 followers on Facebook) Lin Chuanzao presented videos by MA graduates in 2017 (Zhang Jun, Wan Xuhan, Tang Liang, Fan Jia, Yao Yulin, Han Wei, Sun Siven). They are already employed and have experience of collaboration with both traditional and new Chinese media.

During the meeting the students also learned how to find a job after graduating from the university and how to be prepared for a job interview. Fan Fei and Lin Chuanzao explained to the future Chinese journalists the perspectives of cooperation between Russia and China in terms of media. The students didn’t hesitate to ask a lot about internship, exams and scholarship of Chinese government.

The number of students who come to Russia for studying more and more incises. Today, about 20,000 Chinese students study in Russia. About 2000 Chinese students have chosen Moscow State University because of the high quality of education. At that moment, 340 foreign bachelors and masters study at the Faculty of Journalism.

The first Chinese meeting of alumni and students was coordinated by the Center for Further Education, the Graduate Society and the Department of Academic Mobility of the Faculty.

The next meeting among Chinese graduates and students is scheduled for March 2018.

Photo: Yekaterina Petushkina.