IHECS and the Faculty of Journalism, MSU Started Creative Project within the Framework of Erasmus + Program


ihecs.jpgThe Faculty of Journalism, MSU jointly with Institute for Higher Social Communication Studies (IHECS) started the “Slice of my life” photo project. The students from Russia and Belgium are going to conduct an extensive visual research of modern youth’s life in both countries. According to the results of this project, the best photographic stories will be published on the website of the project and demonstrated during thematic exhibitions.

The coordinators from the Belgium side Laurent Poma and Thierry Maroit came to the Faculty of Journalism during spring and fall semesters to consult the group of Russian students during special workshops. The Head of the Chair of Photojournalism and Media Technologies Dr. Oleg Bakulin visited IHECS as coordinator from the Russian side and shared his practical and theoretical experience.

IHECS is one of the most active international partners of the Faculty of Journalism in terms of academic and student exchanges. Our colleagues from Belgium Dr. Delphine Reuter and Dr. Esther Durin delivered a series of lectures for MA students related to media system in Europe. IHECS also hosted the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Professor Elena Vartanova, Dr. Anna Gladkova, Dr. Oleg Bakulin and Dr. Maria Romakina as guest speakers during 2017.

All this activities were supported by Erasmus + program (International Credit Mobility). We hope that our cooperation with IHECS will lead to many new projects in the future.

Photo by Rayane Grillet.