The European Journalism Training Association's (EJTA) teachers' conference “Journalism Education Across Boarders”


On October 19-20, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU hosted the European Journalism Training Association's (EJTA) teachers' conference. The topic of the conference “Journalism Education Across Boarders” drew attention of more than 150 scholars from more than 25 countries who came at the Moscow university to discuss current challenges of contemporary journalistic education.

On October 19 opening ceremony started with welcome speech by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Elena Vartanova, the President of the Faculty, Professor Yassen Zassoursky and EJTA President, Dr. Nico Drok. During Russian and English sessions teachers and scholars discussed the ways to cross different boarders – from ideological to geographic.

The conference also included several round tables. The ‘Connecting Education, Profession, Industry and Research’ meeting was dedicated to a large-scale research conducted by the members of the Faculty supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation.

On October 20, Professor of the City University of New York Lev Manovich presented Russian translation of book “The Language of New Media”, which is widely known in both academic and professional societies, and discussed current trends in journalism and media studies with the audience.

At the closing ceremony EJTA President Dr. Nico Drok thanked the Faculty of Journalism for holding the conference and emphasized the high level of organization of the event.

Photos: Igor Anisimov, Ekaterina Kosenko, Anna Kozlova, Diana Kusainova, Daria Duvidzon, Karina Egorova, Georgiy Nikanorov.

Валентина Белоусова
Елена Калугина
Камилла Нигматуллина
Наталья Авдонина
Шарипа Нуржанова, Николай Зыков
Александр Колесниченко
Anna Gladkova, Ivan Aslanov 
Kaarle Nordenstreng
Monique Ratheiser
Oxana Orekhova
Pal Tamas
Sergey Smirnov
Svetlana Pasti
Xianhong Hu
Maria Lukina, Maria Krasheninnikova, Natalya Tsynareva, Andrey Zamkov
Chris Demaske, Maria Lukina