The Conference “Women in Media in 21 century: studies and practice”


On April 24, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism conducted an international conference “Women in Media in 21 century: studies and practice”. The event was organized jointly with Chair of UNESCO for mass communications.

During the conference both Faculty members and invited guests gave speeches and presented their researches. The Dean Professor Elena Vartanova talked about the history of the Chair and emphasized the importance of it’s activity. She pointed out that the role of women has become more significant in media all over the world.

The event started with a report by the Director of UNESCO Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development Guy Berger who joined the conference with video call. He shared his opinion that freedom of speech and gender equality was in danger, but media could normalize this situation. He added that women were still biased working in newsrooms and with sources of information.

The event attracted scholars’ and journalists’ attention. Dr. Olga Smirnova, Dr. Olga Minaeva as well as Russian journalists Susanna Alperina took a part in the conference. The results of the discussion will be published in a book.

Photo by Georgy Nikanorov.