The VII Scholar Seminar “Prohorov Readings”


33629172985_8c47838368_z.jpgOn March 21, 2017 the VII scholar seminar “Prohorov Readings. The Journalism and Mass Communications within the Convergence” took place at the Faculty of Journalism, MSU.

The annual event was devoted to interchair research project “The Local Media system of Crimea and Change of Statehood” which analyzed the problem of Cimmerian integration in Russian media system.

During the opening speech the Dean Professor Elena Vartanova emphasized the great contribute of Professor Prohorov who was one of the most influential Russian scholar in the field of media studies.

The significant part of the discussion was connected with TV of Crimea and Sevastopol. It’s structure and content were analyzed by a member of Chair of Media Theory and Economics J. Shvichenkova. Well-known journalists E. Gromova and D. Zhokov shared their observation about the TV development in Crimea.

The lecturer D. Jivihina describe the specifics of print and online news media of two regions.

Assistant Prodessor of Media Sociology Chair M. Anikina told about the roles of the journalists in Crimea and Assistant Prodessor of Media Sociology Chair V. Khrul analyzed the ways of covering of religion topics. The researchers from the Chair of Advertising and Public Relations K. Gluhova and N. Solomennikova described the promotion of touristic services.

The main idea of the seminar is to show the general subjects of media scholars and journalists.

Photo: Geprgy Nikanorov.