"Journalism in 2016" conference attracted more than 300 participants


On February 7-8, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU held the conference “Journalism in 2016: Creativity, Profession, Industry”. More than 300 journalists, media managers and scholars participated in the event to discuss the current trends of Russian media industry and make some predictions for future.

The Dean Professor Elena Vartanova in her speech during the opening ceremony pointed out that the simple questions which are familiar for every journalist were still topical. Do we create news or agenda? Do we need to present facts or opinions? Should we send information to the mass audience or to the target groups? She expressed her confidence that media was one of the most progressive culture institutions and they were leaders at “space of meaning creation”.

Media managers and researchers joined the discussion. The Deputy General Director of TASS news agency Mikhail Gusman emphasized the technological challenges of modern journalism. General Director of Mediascope Ruslan Tagiev described the marketing researches of media consumption and explained that brand and responsibility were the most important for costumers when it came to the news. The General Director of “Rumedia” holding Mikhail Berger presented his point of view on interaction between shareholders in media industry.

The discussion was prolonged during different sessions which covered some issues of media strategy, media education and journalistic identity.

Photo by Georgy Nikanorov.