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On December 7, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU hosted the second conference “The Media Space Ecology: The Issues of Informational Security and Rational Use of Communicative Resources”. The event was organized by Highest School of Economics jointly with the Faculty of Journalism, MSU and National Association of Mass Media Researchers.

The scholars from Russia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Belorussia presented their researches during the sessions.

Dr. Galina Shepilova opened the conference emphasizing in the speech that this event had become an important platform for discussing the trends of media communications.

The conference included several sessions: “Theoretical Problems of Media Ecology”, “Media as Self-Developing system: an Ecological Aspect”, “The Human within the Media Risks Society”, “Protection from Media Dangers: the Strategies and Technology”.

Vice-Dean for Research Dr. Mikhail Makeenko pointed out the progress of media ecology despite the “youth” of this academic approach.