The V International Conference “Media Design: the Trends of XXI Century”


On Novomber 25-26, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism hosted the V international conference “Media Design: the Trends of XXI Century”. More then 200 scholars from different cities and countries took a part in this event. The conference was traditionally initiated by the Chair of Photojournalism and Media Technologies but that time the colleagues from the Chairs of History and Statutory Regulation of Domestic Mass Media, Periodical Press, Advertising and Public Relations, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Media Theory and Economics joined the organization.

The plenary session started with the speech by the Dean of the Faculty Professor Elena Vartanova who emphasized the significant of researching the visual components of media.

The Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Voronezh State University Professor Vladimir Tulupov offered a model of interaction between journalist, designer and the audience.

Professor of School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Saint-Petersburg State University Vladimir Konkov covered the interdisciplinary approaches to the visual components studies.

Professor of the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University Liliana Malkova described the concept “montage” applying to the sphere of media design.

Dr. Vera Volkova examined the definition of “media design” and compared it with the similar terms.

The editor of infographics studio of news agency “Russia Today” Dr. Jana Laikova told about history and modern state of infographics.

The art director of “Delovoy Peterburg” newspaper Ivan Anishev was the final speaker of the session. He maintained the new rules of online media design using the example of “Delovoy Peterburg”.

The event traditionally included the sessions and workshops dedicated to different spheres of media design. This year the round table “The Methods of Media Visual Language Study” firstly took part within the conference.

As a result both theory and practice of visual design were discussed by the participants. The conference became an important event for the professionals who are interested in following up the contemporary trends.