The Faculty of Journalism hosted the Danish Students


датские студенты.jpgOn November 14, 2016 students of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU met with young journalists from three Denmark schools (Danish School of Media and Journalism, University of Southern Denmark and Roskilde University).

In an informal setting students were talking not only about studies, differences in meaning of the press in two countries, but also about the culture of our northern colleagues.

Participants of the meeting learned that in Denmark the news media are very popular among the younger generation. But television also doesn’t remain sidelined. With regard to the radio, it is not so popular among the Danes, but it is trying not to lose the ground.

It is a curious fact that the visit of Danish journalists to Russia was not just a personal initiative: once a year trainee journalists have two or three days and required sum of money to get journalistic experience abroad.

Meeting left a good impression to both sides. If at the beginning students were not so confident, than by the end of it the atmosphere was very warm and joyful, and for a few days there was a feeling of journalistic solidarity and elitism.

It was a perfect chance to communicate with foreign colleagues!

Text: Anastasia Lebesheva.
Translation: Daria Degtyareva.