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03.11.2016 IMG_20161102_112341.jpgOn November 2, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU hosted the II international conference “Russia in 1917 in Perception of Modern Russian Youth: media discourse” which was organized by Highest School of Economics jointly with the Faculty of Journalism, MSU and National association of mass media researchers.

The scholars explored how young Russians percept the historical events of 1917 and what myths and narratives forms their knowledge and impressions. The Dean of the Faculty, Professor Elena Vartanova pointed out the importance of such researches in her opening speech.

During the program report Professor Doris Slavin (Moscow State University of Education) described some myths of Soviet history and October Revolution.

The participants paid special attention to the reflection of the events of 1917 in a virtual environment and to the role of media in shaping these representations.