The meeting with the general manager of Mitsubishi Electric at the Faculty of Journalism


On October 20, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU hosted the general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Hiroshi Furuta. He discussed the specifics of Japanese management, brand promotion and Russian-Japanese relationship.

He pointed out that Russia is a country with a lot of strongly motivated young specialists. Mr. Furuta also emphasized the differences between Russian and Japanese management. According to his opinion, the personality and strong character are very important for Russian leaders while Japanese business more appreciate leader’s knowledge. One more distinction is connected with recruiting: Russian firms prefer to pay attention to the qualification of a candidate and Japanese usually measure the personality and motivation.

The students of Russian-Japanese center for studying culture and media were among the audience. “Such meetings are very helpful for understanding the culture of Japan and the national specifics of business there. It can be very important for the one who are going to work in Japanese company”, - told one of the student, Daria Bekturganova.

Photo: George Nikanorov.