The Faculty of Journalism at the International Moscow Book Exhibition


On September 11, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU, hosted by Russian Union of Journalism on it’s stand, took a part in International Moscow Book Exhibition.

The presentation of the Faculty was full of different events. The secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists, the lecturer of the Faculty Irina Ajgihina opened the program with the speech about the history of the friendship between the Faculty of Journalism and the Union.

The most impressive part of the day was the speech of professor Igor Volgin, who is also well known as the journalist, anchorman and poet. He attracted the audience with presentation of his knew book about Tolstoy and Dostoevsky oeuvre and declaimed some of his poems in the end.

During the day one of the best scholars of the Faculty presented their books. Dr. Gregory Prutskov, Dr. Olga Lashuk, Dr. Sergey Smirnov, Dr. Olga Minaeva covered different aspects of modern media studies and told the guests about the most exiting aspects of their researches.

In the final the student of the Faculty the photographer Anna Fedotova, who is the winner of Best of Russia -2015 competition, gave professional recommends to the beginners and showed some of here pictures. She also rewarded the best authors, who took a part in photoproject dedicated to the Exhibition. After thet Dr. Ludmila Kruglova gave the prizes to the winners of “The Best News Item”.