Russian Media and Journalism School has started at the Faculty of Journalism


On April 11, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU organized the opening of Russian Media and Journalism school. This year the spring school hosted more than 40 participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland who have come to study journalism in Russia.

Within the framework of the school the students are going to attend lectures about Russian journalism and media system. The first lecture during the opening was delivered by the Dean, Professor Elena Vartanova.

The two-weeks course also includes the visits to media companies. The participants will meet the journalists in RT, Russia beyond the Headlines, The Moscow Times, TV Rain and discuss the issues of practical journalism in Russia.

The media production has always been the integral part of the school. This year the organizers decided to divide the participants into three groups: they will work on online, press and TV projects. They will present the results of their work and get the certificates of ECTS-points on April 22, 2016.

Photo: George Nikanorov.