The Researchers and Journalists discussed the Pseudo-science at the Faculty of Journalism


On November 26, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism hosted the conference “Pseudo-science in modern society: theoretical issues and the strategy of counteraction”, which was organized with the assistance of Ministry of Education and Science.

The members of the Commission for Fighting against Pseudo-science and research falsification, the representatives of universities, scientific journalists and media researchers discussed the origins and existence of pseudo-science in Russian society. The pro-rector of MSU Professor Alexey Hohlov said that the Faculty and the Commission could organize an efficient collaboration, because media are the main spreader of pseudo-science and the Faculty is known to be one of the best schools of journalism in Russia. He was confident that the special interfaculty course which starts on February would help to grow up a new generation of scientific journalists. The speakers came to a conclusion that the propaganda of scientific knowledge is the only way to fight against pseudo-science.

The issue of cooperation between journalists and the Commission was discussed during the special seminar. The Dean Professor Elena Vartanova suggested that there is a necessity to form press-centers within the scientific structures to “translate” the science for the mass audience. She also pointed out that the universities should help students to develop the communication skills in order to make the academic community more “talkative” in future.