The Two Dean’s Cup


On November 12-13, 2015 the Two Dean’s Cup took place on the Faculty of Journalism, MSU. The Cup is the traditional competition between the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, SPBU and the Faculty of Journalism, MSU which is annually hosted in Saint-Petersburg in spring and in Moscow in autumn. The sportsmen and the comics of both universities competed in their skills.

The first game of the Cup was in the Lomonosov building. The clash of the volleyball teams was bright and intense. The SPBU team won the game 3 to 0.

Within few hours the KVN teams (KVN is a well-known Russian TV-show based on competition between groups of comics) met to decide who is the most witty. The jokes were equally funny and stinging, but the team of the Faculty of Journalism won by a hair.

The fate of the Cup was sealed by the football game. During the fierce battle the team of the Faculty snatched a victory 1 to 0.

As the result, the Cup of two Dean’s is steel in Moscow. The Faculty of Journalism, MSU thanks the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, SPBU for the interesting competition.