“Russian Media and Journalism” summer school took place at the Faculty of Journalism


On the June 15-26, 2015 the “Russian Media and Journalism” summer school took place at the Faculty of Journalism, MSU. Students from the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland and Bulgaria spent two weeks studying the peculiarities of Russian media. They learned about the history and modern state of Russian TV, radio and newspapers and about their connections with political and economical systems. The Internet was also discussed by the participants: they got to know special features of Russian online and social media and compared them with the Western models. That time the theoretical part was really unique: the organizers invited the foreign lecturers (Dr. Alex Luchsinger and Dr. Randy Covington, University of South Carolina) to show their approaches.

In order to make students familiar with the practice of Russian journalism the Faculty organized a series of visits to the editorial offices of the most significant Russian media companies. During the tours to the “RT”, “Russia beyond the Headlines”, “The Moscow Times” and “Kommersant” they have a chance to talk to the editorial staff and learned some tricks of the trade. They used this experience to create a special volume of the “Journalist” newspaper in which they shared their views on the media system of Russia.

At the closing ceremony the participants received the international certificates of the course completion (3ECTS).