The spring semester course “Mass Media and Journalism in Germany”


In March-April, 2015 the “Mass Media and Journalism in Germany” study course took place at the Faculty of Journalism. The course is designed for the students who are interested in studying the media system of Germany. During the spring semester the participants were familiarized with the history, law end economics of German media, they learned the standards and values accepted by the journalistic community in this country. The current tendencies of digitalization and their influences on the form and content of stories were also covered in the lectures.

In order to provide the full understanding of the actual state the organizers invite the team of German experts. This time it consisted of Prof. Dr. Reinhart Ricker (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus (Humboldt University of Berlin) and Dr. Tanja Prillwitz (coordinator of special projects in media management field).

The authors of the course hope that it would help students to develop skills to use the correct terms and appropriate methods of research related to media organization and convergence.

Everyone is welcome to join the course. The registration opens at the start of the sixth semester on the Faculty web-site.