The eleventh “Mass Media of China and Russia in the XXI Century” conference at the Faculty of Journalism


On June 18-19, 2015 the “Mass Media of China and Russia in the XXI Century: Media Systems of China and Russia in the Context of BRICS Countries” conference took place at the Faculty of Journalism, MSU. The scholars from MSU, SPBU and Communication University of China shared their points of view on developing and challenges of national media markets of both countries.

The issues of economical, political, professional and technical factors were discussed. The similarities and differences of Russian and Chinese Internet were one of the key topics of the discussion. Scholars paid their attention to the development of online and mobile media within the frame of legal and economical systems.

The conference is the traditional event organized jointly by the Faculty of Journalism and Communication University of China for the eleventh time. As the Dean, Professor Elena Vartanova mentioned in her closing speech, the conference proved to be an efficient tool for the researchers from both countries which helps to find common problems and solutions.