Joint Russian-Finnish seminar “The Future of Media and Communication Policy Research”


On June 4-5, 2015 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU hosted the seminar “The Future of Media and Communication Policy Research”. Russian researchers and their Finnish colleagues from the University of Helsinki met to discuss current issues of global and national media policy and to speak about modern tendencies in media economics and sociology. The group of Finnish scholars included Hannu Nieminen, Anette Alén-Savikko, Katja Lehtisaari, Johanna Jääsaari, Jockum Hildén, who showed in their presentations the peculiarities of Nordic media system and described some actual features of European copyright low and media economics in general.

Elena Vartanova, Andrei Vyrkovsky, Mikhail Makeenko, Maria Anikina, Anna Gladkova and Ivan Zassoursky formed the group of Russian participants. Historical background of Russian media system, current state of journalistic community, specifics of Russian media economics and audience researches were the main topics raised during their speeches.

Both groups of members admitted that the dialogue helped to share a special national experience with the colleagues which could be useful for developing some new research approaches.


Photos by Dmitry Linnikov, Ekaterina Shirinkina.