The Open Air School of Journalism Started in Gorky Park


On May 25, 2015 started the joint project of Faculty of Journalism, MSU and Gorky Park “The Open Air School of Journalism”. Professor Elena Vartanova delivered the first lecture for everyone who was interested in learning the basic foundations of journalism.
In her lecture the dean told about the place of media in everyday life, explained why the contemporary human is a “homo media”. The audience got to know the mission, ethic principles and professional standards of journalism and became acquainted with its history. Why objective information is always a value, what is the difference between a report in newspaper and video on YouTube, what is “agenda setting” and “gate keeping” in terms of globalization, why the modern intellectual needs to know how media function, what the main threats for journalism are today – Elena Vartanova answered those questions during the lecture.

About 450 people attended the event. The next lecture will be on June 1 at 19:00. The “Russian Reporter” editor in chief Vitalij Leiben will deliver the lecture “Journalism is only one of the methods to cognize the reality”.

Photos by Lera Zavyalova.