The students of the Faculty of Journalism visited the Saxion University


On March 7-14, 2015 a group of students of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU visited Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, the Netherlands. Dutch colleagues organized a one-week course of lectures devoted to peculiarities of local media in Netherlands. Besides, Russian students were given a tour in RTL (which is one of the most prominent broadcasting companies in the country) and managed to visit the mediapark in Hilversum.
At the end of March the Dutch delegation returned a visit. Faculty members delivered a serius of lectures about the modern Russia media system and also organized excursions in the biggest media companies, such as Russia Today channel and internet-portal.
The cooperation between Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The School of Creative Technology) and Lomonosov Moscow State University (the Faculty of Journalism) is implemented according to bilateral agreement. The mutual visits have become a good tradition during the past few years.

Students’ impression 

The most memorable day was the day when we were invited to the Dutch TV studio. The main TV channels studios of the Netherlands are located not in Amsterdam, but in a small town 40 minutes away from the capital – in Hilversum. There we got acquainted with the Dutch presenter, who hosted a political talk show. This is a standard format show where the presenter invites an interesting guest and asks him about current issues and the guest answers impromptu. As a matter of fact, the presenter checks information, conducts political investigations, because this show aims at getting actual facts about an event. The television in Russia lacks such standard formats indeed, a political talk show with an open fact-checking and guests who are not afraid of being interviewed extemporary.

Anastasiya Krivosheyeva

Department of Journalism has a longstanding cooperation with Saxion University. I am glad to have a chance to go to the Netherlands with a return visit. Feeling as an oversea student is a very interesting experience. What is more, this trip made me realize that I am ready to take part in the exchange education program, for instance.

Anastasiya Pankova

Study tour to Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Enschede) gave me an opportunity to get interesting information about the Dutch journalism and media. In addition, our lecturer was a citizen journalist. I became interested in his profession greatly. It is nice that the trip has produced not only the educational effect, but it also was a cultural exchange experience. I saw the local students’ life and the university atmosphere. One week in the Netherlands gave me a chance to experience cultural and historical values of this country and join to them.

Artyom Khabibullin

A weekly study tour to the Netherlands was an interesting experience in my life. First of all, we had the experience of being oversea students of a large European university, we got useful knowledge, we managed to get acquainted with the famous Dutch presenters and learn more about the media in the Netherlands. And, secondly, the study tour gave us an opportunity to get better acquainted with the Dutch culture, to get not a common tourist experience, but to feel as if we were locals. Surely, this cultural exchange was implemented due to the Dutch students who played an important role in this process. They were always ready to help us and they were really kind to show the best sights of their country. Beyond that, the improvement of our language skills was a significant part of the study tour. I am extremely grateful to our faculty and Saxion University for such an incredible opportunity!

Maya Davletshina

The exchange program tour to Saxion University was not only informative, but lavish in cultural discoveries. We have learned about the media organization in the Netherlands, visited the TV studio and seen the place where the future journalists are studying. At the TV studio we managed to carry on a conversation with a famous presenter, who told us about the intricacies of his profession. In addition, we joined in the Dutch culture, and this happened owing to the participants of the Dutch party of the exchange program. It appears to me that such experience is very interesting and helpful, because we have learned some absolutely new things about media and the way this system can be organized.

Dariya Lyashchenko

I’d like to express gratitude to our university for not merely bringing the opportunities to improve our knowledge, but also for discovering the world for us together with MSU. During the study tour we have met new friends, seen the student life in the Netherlands and taken part in the studying process. We have seen the work of the Dutch television concerns at first-hand and talked to the journalists personally. This is an invaluable experience that undoubtedly will guide us in the world media. And it is great that our university lays not only professional but also cultural foundation.

Anna Samrina