Mass Media and Journalism in Germany


The Faculty of Journalism invites you to take a part in “Mass Media and Journalism in Germany” English-speaking course (6 classes).

This course intends to make students familiar with basic principles of German media system, its transformation in the contemporary stage under the conditions of global and local factors, and also to explicate how the role of journalism changes in modern Germany. Students will learn at the classes about the challenges which German media face, and the perspectives of their development. The audience will study the practical experience of German media company guidance and discuss the functions of journalists and journalistic ethics in modern context.

The lectures will be delivered by academics and practitioners working for the German media: Professor Reinhart Ricker, Professor Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus, docent Tanja Prillwitz.

The course is included in the list of special seminars for the third-year bachelors. All other students are welcome to join the course as well. The students who attend all the lectures of the course will receive preference in the selection for study internships in Germany.

This course is divided into three blocks, two lectures in each:

The first block (Professor Reinhart Ricker): April 16, 10.40 – 13.50 (room 103)
The second block (docent Tanja Prillwitz): April 23, 10.40 – 13.50 (room 103)
The third block (Professor Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus): May 14, 10.40 – 13.50 (room 103)

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To join the course you should sent information about your name, year of studying and the group number to up to April 12, 2015. The third-year bachelor students who have chosen the course as a special seminar don’t need any extra registration.

If you have any question, please, don’t hesitate to ask the director of The Office of International Affairs Dr. Anna Gladkova (email:, tel. +7 (495) 629 52 76, room 107).