“Mokhovaya 9” is on the air of National Educational TV-channel “Prosveshenie”


unnamed.pngFrom March 23, 2015 the informational student channel “Mokhovaya 9” is on the air of National Educational TV-channel “Prosveshenie” (“Enlightment”).

Not only news programs but also workshops with the leaders of the mediasphere (who have graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, MSU), different special projects and documentaries are being prepared to be shown.

The program of cooperation between “Prosveshenie” channel and the Faculty of Journalism provides the opportunity to move the educational functions up into the next level. It gives a chance not only to the students of the Faculty of Journalism but also to any department of MSU that wants to join the project:
- To combine basic theoretical education and practical activities
- To organize practical work for the students
- To try themselves not only in journalism but also economics, sociology and other sciences and to popularize them
- To choose between academic and practice-oriented education
- To choose specialization from radio, TV, press or Internet-media
- To choose a specialization of academic research
- To implement creative projects of different genres
- To popularize own researching and educational achievements by broadcasting public talks and different lectures on the air of the channel