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20.03.2015 10552578_10104405280080269_779174785662778560_n.jpgOn April 3, 2015 at 14.40 (room 233) Professor Owen V. Johnson (Indiana University, USA) will deliver a lecture “American Correspondents in Russia: A History” within the frames of the Master degree course “Current Issues of Mass Media”.
The lecture will be in English. The lecture is open to all students, graduate students, faculty members.

About the lecturer: Prof. Owen V. Johnson, who is making his 7th visit to Russia (the first was in 1989) taught journalism and history at Indiana University. Since the early 1980s he has specialized in the study of Russian and East European media systems, both past and present. He is co-author of Eastern European Journalism Before, During & After Communism (with Jerome Aumente, Peter Gross, Ray Hiebert and R. Dean Mills), (Cresskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press, 1999). He was director of Indiana University's Russian and East European Institute, 1991-1995. He is now working on a history of Russian journalists.