MSU is the Russian leader in preparing journalists


Lomonosov Moscow State University is the leader in preparing journalists in Russia, according to the opinion of employers. It is reported in the research prepared by the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media 'Top-100 Universities Preparing Bachelor Students for Media Industry'.

MSU is in the lead with 90,7 points. Its main counterpart is Saint Petersburg State University, which took the second place with 69,5 points. MGIMO-University and The University of Сinema and Television in Saint-Petersburg are also included into top-5.

The rating was created based on polling of more than 110 employers of leading Russian media, and 86% of them are regional experts.The Ministry reported that universities were chosen based on the average results of the Unified State Exam of their newly admitted students in 2014.

The Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor Elena Vartanova considered the result of research to be correct and natural:

'It is not a secret that the demand for our alumni on media market is high. In journalism, the experience is what makes you a real professional, but if you have specialized education, the path to professionalism is shorter'. - said Professor Vartanova.