MSU students at Colby College, USA


Olga Shmeleva (4th course) and Christina Loginova (6th course) visited Colby College (Maine, USA) in September-October 2014 as participants of the exchange program between Faculty of Journalism, MSU and Colby College.

The exchange program dates back to 2012 when a formal bilateral agreement between Faculty of Journalism, MSU and Colby College was signed. Among other objectives the agreement includes exchanges of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff members. Since 2012 two Colby students and two Colby professors visited MSU. The Faculty of Journalism also sent two professors to the American college with a series of lectures and workshops.

A visit of MSU students to the USA will be followed by a return visit of two Colby students to Moscow in January 2015. The Faculty of Journalism looks forward to welcoming them and hopes that collaboration with Colby College will be developing in the future.

Students’ impressions about exchange program

“In September, my colleague and I visited Colby College for several weeks. To enter a competition, we needed to submit a CV, a motivation letter and an essay. The internship was not going to be long but we knew it would be very interesting. The core event for us was the Lovejoy Convocation. The Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award is presented annually to journalists for their remarkable journalistic achievements. This year, it was presented to James Risen, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, who refused to reveal his sources and now is under threat of incarceration. While at Colby, we had a fixed schedule and some free time too: for instance, we tried ourselves as language assistants at the Department of German and Russian Languages, but also we had time to attend classes, write articles for the student newspaper Colby Echo, and communicate with students and teachers.
I think that off-campus study programs are very important for students. Such experience always helps them to take a broad view of things and form objective judgements. Moreover, exchange programs are vital for journalism undergraduates because that is how journalism students acquire a skill to orientate themselves within an unfamiliar environment”.
Christina Loginova

“During these couple of weeks at Colby I discovered the American culture, lifestyle and the peculiarities of the American education. First of all, I would like to mention Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award ceremony: it was a solemn convocation visited by many famous journalists. I had a great opportunity to hear them sharing their invaluable experience. This year the investigative reporter from the New York Times James Risen became the Lovejoy Convocation Address. He got the award because he refused to reveal his confidential source to the government officials. In my opinion, he is very brave and devoted to his profession.
I enjoyed taking different courses at Colby: I chose a lot of courses in history, politics and law. I met many interesting professors, whose courses were really inspiring, for example Jennifer Yoder, who visited Moscow last year.
It was very interesting for me to test myself as a language assistant. I worked on oral drills with the American students of Russian department. We also took part in round table meeting of Russian learners and classes of Russian literature and culture.
I enjoyed our trip to Boston and Washington organized by Colby. I could feel the real spirit of America. Mostly, I was impressed by a visit to Holocaust Museum in Washington. I am sure that such a cruelty should never repeat again.
Two students from Colby are going to visit Russia in January as participants of the same exchange program. I would like to help with planning their visit, to show them the most splendid sites of Moscow.
I am grateful to all the organizers of this internship from both Russian and American sides. I hope, the cooperation between MSU and Colby will be long and productive”.
Olga Shmeleva