The Third All-Russian NAMMI conference “Topical Issues in Media Studies-2014”


On May 30, 2014, the School of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) hosted the Third All-Russian NAMMI conference entitled “Topical Issues in Media Studies-2014”. NAMMI stands for National Association of Mass Media Researchers – professional association of Russian media and communication scholars that was established in 2011 in Moscow. More than 60 people took part in the conference – researchers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Penza, Cherepovets, Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia and the CIS.

The conference opened with a speech by NAMMI’s President Professor Elena L. Vartanova, Dean of the Journalism School, MSU. She welcomed the participants and talked about the activities of the Association in 2013-2014. The following achievements of the Association over the past two years were listed: an increase in NAMMI’s authority in the Russian and foreign academic community, its active involvement in the work of international associations of media and communication researchers, the publication of the annual English-language journal World of Media. Yearbook of Russian Media and Journalism Studies, holding an annual NAMMI conference and media studies competition, fruitful cooperation with the members of the Association and its international scientific council.

The report on NAMMI’s activities was followed by a ceremony of awarding the participants of the First International Media Studies Competition “NAMMI-2013”. Elena L. Vartanova handed medals and certificates to the winners of the competition for the best studies in the media and communication and expressed hope that the competition would promote the authority of the Russian school of journalism in the international academic community.

After the official opening of the conference and the awards ceremony, two plenary sessions were held. The key speakers – Viktor P. Kolomiets, Iosif M. Dzyaloshinsky, Dmitry L. Strovsky, Irina A. Poluekhtova, Ivan A. Klimov, Ivan A. Pankeev – made reports, which aroused a great interest of the audience and launched a lively discussion on the modern understanding of journalism and the mass media. The plenary sessions were followed by thematic sessions. These were organized in accordance with NAMMI’s major research directions: mass media as a social institution; organization and the process of producing mass media products; mass media audience; mass media effects; jobs in the media arena; mass media in the context of digital environment and multimediality; mass media texts. At the thematic sessions, the results of original research projects were reported and a discussion on the major trends and challenges of media studies was organized.

In addition, within the framework of the conference a meeting of NAMMI’s Board took place, where the major development directions for the Association were outlined: strengthening cooperation with Russian scientific schools and international research organizations, increasing the citation index of articles by NAMMI’s members, holding the annual NAMMI conference permanently entitled “Topical Issues in Media Studies” and a training conference “Communication Infrastructure of the Modern City”. In the course of the Board meeting, Irina V. Zhilavskaya, who had been NAMMI’s Executive Director since 2011, was elected a Board member. The position of the Executive Director was filled, on the basis of voting results, by Anna A. Gladkova, who, since 2011, had worked as NAMMI’s Coordinator.