NAMMI at the conference of International Communication Association (ICA) in Seattle


On May 22-26, 2014, the 64th annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) took place in Seattle (USA). This year, the theme of the conference was “Communication and 'the Good Life'”. Within the framework of the conference, the meeting of NAMMI’s first panel entitled “Online and Offline Media Dimensions of 'the Good Life' in Multi-Stratified Societies” was held. The panel explored the factors of societal stratification such as gender, age, culture and language and their influence on the quality of life in Russia.

The head of the panel was NAMMI’s President Professor Elena L. Vartanova. NAMMI’s members presented the results of their studies: Associate Professor Olga V. Smirnova (the report “Russian Local Newspapers’ Newsrooms in Digital Environment”), Senior Researcher Anna A. Gladkova (the report “Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace as an Indicator of a 'Good Life' in Russia”) and Researcher Denis V. Dunas (the report “Online Media Environment as Russian 'Good Life': Consumption Aspect”). The panel aroused a great interest of the audience – researchers from Russia and the USA.

Within the framework of the conference, Elena L. Vartanova (the report “Russian Media System in the Context of Media Change: Reconstruction of the National”) and Viktor M. Khroul (the report “Communicating Christian 'Good Life' Model in a Secular Public Sphere: a Case of Russia”) also spoke on the panel organized by the Russian Communication Association (RCA). NAMMI and RCA discussed the possibilities of cooperation and agreed on collaborative work, in particular on the official publications of the Associations – World of Media and Russian Journal of Communication respectively.
Let us remind you that it became possible for NAMMI to present its own panel at the annual ICA conference after it had entered ICA as an associate member in 2013.